Frequently Asked Questions

What are your growing practices?

We are not certified organic. However, we do incorporate organic & natural growing practices into our growing methods to increase our sustainability while decreasing our footprint. We do not use herbicides or chemical pesticides. We do use natural & OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved products to help deter & control pests. We also use the help of beneficial insects to control the pest populations.

In the field, we are working towards regenerative agriculture. This style of farming will help us to restore biodiversity & organic matter to the soil while growing nutrient dense foods, reducing runoff , erosion, & inputs, increasing moisture retention, decreasing weed, disease, & pest pressures, & reducing our carbon emissions. 

In our indoor hydroponic garden, we use a recirculating method of watering our crops. Which means, we have a tank of nutrient rich water that is fed to the plants through pumps & plumbing, then drained & collected, and returned back to the tank. We use these tanks anywhere from one to four weeks before changing out & making a new batch. Instead of just dumping the water, we pump it into another tank outside where we use it to water our outdoor crops. 

We would be happy to discuss our practices in more detail. If you have any questions, please reach out. You can send us a message here on the website, or via text or email.  


Where can you buy TF@B produce?

You can purchase here on the website & schedule drive thru pickup or at the farmers markets on Saturdays. (See Farmers Market & Home pages for updated info on which markets we will be at.)

You can also find our lettuce at the following local markets; The Market at Cedar Point, Guthrie Farm Produce Market, Coastal Community Market, & Friendly Market. 

When is the website updated?

Our lettuce is inventory is updated on or by Friday of each week. Crops like squash, okra, tomatoes & cucumbers are harvested daily and we do our best to keep that up to date in real time. Our herbs & flowers are cut to order so stock is an estimate of what is currently being produced by the plant..                                                                                                                                                            

Box o' Bogue

At this time, we are not able to produce enough of both variety & quantity to offer the boxes.  We plan to offer the boxes sometime in the future & will update the website & social media at that time.