Spikey sweet leaves resemble the flavor of romaine & with a satisfyingly crispy crunch. Use by itself or pair with one or more of our greens to sass up your salad. Fraggle Rock Jellyfish was named by one of our friends for its comical appearance. Who knew lettuce could be so fun?!

No Hugs Allowed -Red

  • Our lettuce heads are sold with the root cube intact. This helps keep it fresh & lasts much longer.

    Keep in your crisper in a bag. Pull off individual leaves as you use. Rember to wash!

    If you notice wilting, mist or sprinkle a little water at the root cube & wrap the bag up to increase humidity. 

    Keep away from high ethelyne producing fruits like pineapple, apple, grapes, mango, melons, bananas & tomatoes. Which cause brown spots & premature spoiling.